Adult And Young Adult Peer Support Group

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Inside of our Peer Support Group sessions, persons with disabilities engage in social and recreational activities and receive life-skills training. The program is designed to enhance the quality of life for low- and moderate-income persons with disabilities, increasing independent lifestyles through advocacy, awareness and peer support.

The Young Adults Peer Support Group provides a safe and nurturing environment for young adults to share their experiences, successes and frustrations as they start transitioning toward a more independent lifestyle. Staff members provide individual coaching while group discussions help to build self-esteem, provide social support, and encourage leadership and self-confidence.

Peer relationships are vitally important to our consumers, and we renew them on a monthly basis with support group meetings that often feature guest speakers, including:

  • Two-Part Workshop on Abuse. The group was given tools for recognizing, responding, and reacting to abuse of any type. Abuse awareness becomes very important as these young adults come of age and the vulnerability of relationships comes into play.
  • Three-Part Workshop on Budgeting and Finances. Participants used worksheets to keep daily accounts on their spending and savings in order to see how quickly it affected their monthly budgets.
  • Three-Part Workshop on Food Allowances and Preparation. Consumers at the end of each workshop were able to participate in the preparation of small meals and beverages.

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